Collection: Duc-Kits

The newest addition the the Mrs H duck range. These little kits give you the opportunity to make your very own little ducklet. 

Each kits comes complete with everything you need. An unpainted ducklet, the paint, the brush, any other tools needed, sticker decals, ribbon and of course some instructions. 

These are available as individual kits but also party kits, (with a bulk buy discount).

So if you feel like getting crafty, or want to get one as a gift for a friend who you think might love a bit of ‘down time’ or having a birthday party with a bunch of small-ish ones..... I can make up the perfect kit for you. 

I’ve spent a long time sourcing plastic free and environmentally friendly products where I can.

Wooden brushes and tools, glass jars for the paint. 

The paint is good quality, VOC free so should your toddler or pup chose to give your art project a chew it won’t harm them, (just make you sad) 😔