Perfectly imperfect Duc~kit

£16.00 – £22.00

The original Duc~kit.... one ducklet, a random selection of my most used and loved paints (usually 2-4 colours). The usual Mrs H large and smaller brushes, ribbon and instructions 💗 

These ducklets are not quite ‘perfect’ enough to send as gifts (we’re mega fussy around here), so they may have a wonky eye, or crack in the wood, small imperfections from the ground they were dug from. We may have popped some wood filler in them to smooth them off, but this looks a bit rubbish until painted, then you’d never know!
They are perfect for those wanting to have a go or for small folk to get creative with, all perfectly imperfect and just as lovable 🥰🐥 

They stand around 15-18cm tall on their little webbed feet 💛

Just the one Mrs Wembley (1 ducklet)Just the one Mrs Wembley (1 ducklet)
Oh go on, pop another in. (2 ducklets)Oh go on, pop another in. (2 ducklets)
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Just the one mrs wembley (1 ducklet), Oh go on, pop another in. (2 ducklets)

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