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I’m the original #crazyducklady! I LOVE ducks and have my own flock of Indian runner ducks rummaging around (destroying) my garden..... but I also have a love for wooden ducks..... the good old, bamboo root, wooden boots..... they’ve been around for years, and there’s various options on the market.... but none quite so wonderful as a Mrs H duck.... have a peruse and I think you’ll find you’ll completely agree with me!
I believe everyone should have a duck, feathered or painted, they all bring joy wherever they waddle.

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Home of the beautifully hand painted and decorated wooden duck. Each duck is totally unique and bespoke, being made from the root of the bamboo plant, no two ducks are the same. I put my heart and soul into decorating each and everyone so that they are all just perfect for you. 

Using only high quality paint, papers and materials to achieve the best finish for you. 

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