Hand made eggshell candles, easy Easter craft… with tea and cake.

Easter craft eggshell candles.

Egg shell candles. 
Firstly, get your eggs, (from the garden, the hen house or the shop) 
Cut the top off your egg and pop the white and yolk into a bowl for making the cakes. 
Then take your empty shells and wash with warm water, dry with kitchen towel or similar. 
Get your favourite wax melts and pop them in a plastic jug and in the microwave until fully melted. 
If you don’t have candle wicks then you can dunk garden twine into the hot wax and lay flat to dry/ set …. This then makes you a waxy wick to stick in your egg shell. I used a hot glue gun, but you can use sticky dots, blue tack, anything to hold in place. 
Once the wicks are in it’s time to pour your melted wax into the eggshell…. To keep them upright you can stand them in an egg box or your egg cups…. I used one of my wooden egg holders (available on the website 😉)  
Pour your wax in and then use clothes pegs or pens or anything similar to hold your wicks in place. I then sprinkled some dried rose petals into the hot wax. 
Leave to cool and go and make your cakes! 
Once cool, trim the excess shell away and trim the wick …. Ta-da…. One teeny little, beautifully scented eggshell candle. Light and enjoy. Trim the shell and wick back each time before you re light so that the shell doesn’t singe and the wick topple over. 
These look beautiful as part of an Easter table decoration and just make the room smell amazing. 
Once fully burnt and cold, discard in the compost or recycling bin as usual. 
have fun getting crafty in the kitchen, 
much love
Mrs H xx 
Glue gun or sticky dots 
Wax melts 
Microwave safe jug 
Dried flower petals 
Candle wicks or garden twine/string. 
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