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Duc~Kit Ducklet Painting Kit - Father’s Day Wooden Duck Kit

Duc~Kit Ducklet Painting Kit - Father’s Day Wooden Duck Kit

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The Fathers  Day kit 💙

Here’s the opportunity to get crafty and make your very own, personalised gift for Dad, Grandad, Bumpa ... or all of the aforementioned  💙 

The kit will contain your chosen quantity of  unpainted ducklets, paint, branded Mrs H brush, ribbon and, of course instructions.... and anything else you might need to make the perfect gift for fathers Day. Get the small folk to decorate and make something totally unique and bespoke.... a little treasure for ‘Grandpa’ to keep. These can all come with names ready to be applied once painted and fully dry. Please be sure to pop the names you’d like in the order notes for me. Daddy, dad, Grandad, Grandpa, Bob, Papa...... any name is available, or pop the child’s name on that made it, a gift from ‘Henry’ or ‘George’ etc. 

Ideal as a morning  or afternoon project for the small folk in your life. They can paint flowers or hearts, hammers or fishing rods...or anything they desire..... and if too small for painting then a little bit of help and a smudge of paint on a hand or finger will give you the perfect finger or hand print .... the most magical and lovingly made personal gift. 

My children have all made dozens of these and every child that’s visited our house over the last year has also had the chance to make their own....  💗


Colour Options : 


Pale blue 

Navy blue


Forrest green, 

Duck egg 

Sage green 

PLEASE add your colour choices to the order notes for me 🙌🏼 Each kit will come with white paint as standard to use for patterns and designs.  


Standing at 15-18cm tall, and being made from the root of the bamboo plant means that each ducklet will vary in size, shape and position, they will have wood grain, knots and various other wood markings. It also means that they are fairly weather resistant and can live outside for the summer months.  


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