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Willow - Decorated Wooden Duck in Boots by Mrs H the Duck Lady

Willow - Decorated Wooden Duck in Boots by Mrs H the Duck Lady

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Willow, the whimsical white witch 🤍

A lover of nature and all things earthly, she wears her hand knitted merino wool jumper, carries her little wax cotton bag full of dried lavender that she’s foraged from the garden. Bay leaf and rosemary make her headdress and finally resting on her boots is a smudge stick, made from sage, bay, lavender, rose, a palo santo stick and rough rose quartz Crystal…. She brings with her love, harmony and wellness. (And smells AMAZING) 💞
You can use the smudge stick to cleanse your home or being, or just keep it resting on her boots, it will still bring magic to your home. ✨

All completely hand made by me (Mrs H)…. The jumper, the smudge stick…. Absolutely every component has been lovingly made here using herbs and flowers from my garden where I can. Suitable for indoor use only, home decoration, this is not a toy. 

Each duck is truly individual, no two are the same. Standing 35-37cm tall, the ducks body is made from the root of the bamboo plant so each and everyone is a little different from the last. Gorgeous little characters who are truly well behaved!

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