Ugly ducklings

£18.00 – £25.00

Ducks : 

Ok.... so here are some of my babes that didn’t quite make the grade this year.... structurally sound, but perfectly imperfect. They may have an eye missing, or a wood knot on their face, a water mark from the ground they were dug from, a lace missing from their boot, more wood filler and glue than I’d like.....or just be a bit diddy or dumpy.... still totally loveable though! 

You will purchase these for love, not for perfection and will adore what arrives, I will do my absolute best to make them look beautiful for you, hiding imperfections where I can,  but they are seconds, and cannot be returned. 

They can come painted, or dressed... Please be clear what design/colour/pattern you’d like by putting this in the notes for me..... ONLY CURRENT website designs available, (unfortunately I can’t make bespoke designs at these prices) please be sure to put the ‘name’ of the duck you’d like.... eg. ‘Bessy’ or Bubbles, Deborah, Bert etc in the order notes for me, and be sure to order the correct ‘option’.  For example ‘crystal’ would be a ‘glitter babe’, or ‘grey with stars’ would be ‘painted or papered’ option. 

Selection will be made by me and it will be pot luck what you receive, but as always I will do my very best to make your babe a total beaut 🖤 



The original Duc~kit.... one ducklet, one colour of paint with a contrasting one picked by me to compliment. The usual Mrs H large and smaller brushes, ribbon and instructions 💗 

These ducklets are not quite good enough to send as gifts, so they may have a wonky eye, or crack in the wood, small imperfections from the ground they were dug from. They are perfect for those wanting to have a go or for small folk to get creative with, all perfectly imperfect and just as lovable 🥰🐥 


Hand painted or paperedHand painted or papered
Tutu wearingTutu wearing
Glitter babe or dressed gentGlitter babe or dressed gent
Duc~kit original (duck egg, pink, grey, sapphire blue, Greek blue)Duc~kit original (duck egg, pink, grey, sapphire blue, Greek blue)
Additional Information

Hand painted or papered, Tutu wearing, Glitter babe or dressed gent, Duc~kit original (duck egg, pink, grey, sapphire blue, greek blue)

Shipping & Delivery

Delivery will be via Royal Mail, first & second class post is available. We aim to dispatch your order within 2 to 5 days.