Elfie …..this little lady is NEW around here…. She’s the perfect companion for Elf…. Wearing her red stripy tights and green merino wool jumper with white trim, little red velvet bow with gold bell….. shes a super cute, stripy tight, jumper wearing ‘sort of’ spy! 

NOTE: All are painted to order with roughly a 2 week turnaround time. 

All hand painted/ made  by Mrs H, suitable for indoor use only, home decoration, this is not a toy. 

Each duck is truly individual, no two are the same. Standing 23-25cm tall, the ducks body is made from the root of the bamboo plant so each and everyone is a little different from the last.

Each is hand painted so the tights will be wonky.... but let’s face, aren’t they always?! His jumper is hand knitted from the finest merino wool and his little bobble hat makes him about as festive as you can get. Gorgeous little characters who are truly well behaved.... most of the time! 

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