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Duck clothing transfer

Duck clothing transfer

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The totally amazing transfers are here! 
you get to add ducks to your own clothing  and wear with pride! (Can also add to bags, pants 🙊 or anything you fancy popping a duck on) 
you just need an iron and some baking paper and obviously something to transfer the image on to.
The possibilities are endless, you can have one duck or a row of them… possibly the only ducks I’ll ever get in a row is ironed on ones 😅🪿🪿🪿 


Technical Info



 Set your iron to medium heat (160°) and no steam. 

Please use light to medium pressure

Place your clothing garment on a protected hard surface… your ironing board a wooden chopping board  for example. Give the garment a quick once over with the warm iron to remove any moisture and give yourself a good flat and even surface.
Pop your transfer into position (you want to be looking at the printed side, with the rough side placed onto the fabric). Then cover with parchment paper and press your iron down covering the transfer for 10-12 seconds. 

The transfer carrier film is hot release, so remove the top carrier film straight after pressing.. if when you remover the film the image lifts slightly then reapply the parchment paper and re press for an additional 3-5 seconds, then remove the film. 

Once the transfer is pressed and you’ve removed the carrier film, re-cover the transfer with the parchment paper and re-press for max 2-3 seconds.

Please wait 24 hours before stretching or washing the transfers.


Set your iron slightly cooler (135°) or low to medium heat. You can always re press if the transfer hasn’t fully adhered, but using too much heat will melt the image and cause failure in the transfer. 


Other materials can be used, but no testing or results can be given, so test first on the inside/revers and work out what works best with your chosen material and iron. 

Washing Instructions

Please adhere to the following instructions below and your Transfers will last longer than your garments.

Wash Transfers at a maximum temperature of 30-40 degrees

DO NOT tumble dry or iron directly on the transfers

When washing garments we recommend you turn your garments inside out. This will then protect the printed transfer from friction or abrasion with other fabrics during your washing cycle.Please do not use any fabric softeners or chemicals or if required use only a small amount.

When airdrying your garments please keep your garments inside out. Direct sunlight can affect the vibrancy of the transfer due to photodegradation.


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