Duc~kit 🎄The Christmas kit 🎄

£24.50 – £49.00

The Christmas  Duc~kit

Here’s your opportunity to get your craft on and make your very own Christmas ducklet.... 

The kit will contain one unpainted ducklet, one pot of paint, a branded Mrs H brush, a selection of Christmas decal stickers in gold, red velvet ribbon and, of course instructions.... and anything else you might need to make your life long Christmas  decoration. 

Available in: 

Classic Christmas red

Forrest green

Pure white  

Or go wild and order all three (the trio) and mix it up however you like. (Three ducklets, three paint colours, lots of decals) 

Ideal as an evening project for a bit of ‘down time’ from the crazy that is life, or the best (but possibly a bit messy) afternoon entertainment for the small folk in your life. My children have all made dozens of these and every child that’s visited our house this year has also had the chance to make their own....  from age 4 up, but all can have fun, young or old. 

Standing 15-18cm tall, and being made from the root of the bamboo plant means that each ducklet will vary in size, shape and position, they will have wood grain, knots and various other wood markings. It also means that they are fairly weather resistant and can live outside for a month or so during Christmas festivities. 




The trio... red, green and white, 3 ducklet set.The trio... red, green and white, 3 ducklet set.
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Red, Green, White, The trio... red, green and white, 3 ducklet set.

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